ShareTweet **A past memory of mine during April 2009….** A very cute cup was found in one of the Hong Kong cafe. Li Shya will fly back to Singapore later. Thus, we have Dim Sum breakfast together. Thank you to our boss for this treat again! 奶黄包 I forgot what this called. But yummy and [...]

ShareTweet *Please note that this was happened since last year March oh ^^, you may wish to read my previous blog first before continue here…* After few weeks break, we were sent to Hong Kong again for 2 months. Everyday, we were just busy working until no day no night. We knew that Weini was [...]

ShareTweet At first I planned to combine this post with part 2 but got 40 more photos oh. Thus I separated it to Part 3. Before I started my story, just give a thank you speech to Fenny

ShareTweet You may wish to read part 1 before continue this second part. What I want to share is about our second week in Hong Kong My face looked so tired hor. We were going for lunch now. Our lady boss brought us to a famous goose rice restaurant but I have forgotten what the [...]

ShareTweet This story was happened on Feb 2009! It was almost happened 1 year ago! So sorry about the photo quality ya. Because I forgot to bring camera to Hong Kong I just took the photo using Sony Ericson G19. Hehe ^^ Paiseh Paiseh ~ Enjoying my 2009 Chinese New Year holiday in Malaysia! My [...]

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