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**A past memory of mine during April 2009….**
A very cute cup was found in one of the Hong Kong cafe.

Li Shya will fly back to Singapore later. Thus, we have Dim Sum breakfast together. Thank you to our boss for this treat again!

奶黄包 :)

I forgot what this called. But yummy and delicious. Slurp :P

This pudding looked nice right?

In cantonese we called this “Guai Fa Gou” – 桂花糕.

After dim sum, Li Shya and I went to Wan Chai – 湾仔. We stopped at Wan Chai station.

Why we came here?

The purpose we came to Wan Chai is to visit this Golden Bauhinia.

This Forever Blooming Bauhinia Statue is located at Golden Bauhinia Square. Can you see the building beside? This building is Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Me and Golden Bauhinia.

After that, we went to Causeway Bay – 铜锣湾. We stopped at Causeway Bay station.

If you visit to Hong Kong, must come here because this is a very happening place. Alot place to shop at causeway bay also. The purpose Li Shya want to come Causeway Bay is to buy the “PI DAN SU” – 皮蛋酥 and at SOGO. If not mistaken, the bakery shop was called “Hang Heung – 恆香老餅家”. The 皮蛋酥真的很好吃哦~

Then, Li Shya back to Singapore and I met with Fenny. We were planning to go Time Square which is located at Causeway Bay also.

Time Square 时代广场

I found this cup is cute. Did you felt that the cup looked similiar to the cup in the above (first photo).

Fenny with the clock tower.

Trademark of Time Square – The clock tower.

A very yummy and cheesy fries~

Joaane, Me and HL went to “Wong Tai Shin – 黄大仙”. We stopped at Wong Tai Shin station.

Joanne and I.

Wong Tai Sin temple.

After Wong Tai Sin, we went to Choi Hong station – 彩虹站. Then we took minibus no1A from Choi Hong station to “Sai Kung – 西贡”.

After 1 hour journey, we reached Sai Kung town. This place is a paradise for seafood lover.

We have ordered this prawns.

2 very huge “Pissing shrimp – 赖尿虾” .

The meat was so fresh… Miss it so much ^^


After a nice seafood meal. Is time to pay the bill. You guess how much? It cost around 400HKD ++ Expensive right? Nvm la, just tried once in my life :P

After lunch, we walked to 西贡码头.

Have you seen before? First time I saw this. Keng!

The seafood selling here was quite cheap :)

Cute doggies!

One of our team member – Coco. She just joined us. Another strong women :) .

Our client was having a small party. I have forgetten what purpose to have this party already.

My users – Wanda and Canice. Er, not sure whether they still remember me?

The next day, we went to the popular dim sum restaurnt – Lin Heung restaurant – 莲香楼 . This restaurant has many years of history.

For us, the dim sum is ok.

But we not really like to eat here because:
1) Long Q to wait for the seat. We are forced to sit together with other peoples.

2) Too crowded. When dim sum trolley is out, all the people just grab for the dimsum. If you slow abit, most of the dim sum finished.

After dim sum, we went to take Ding Ding tram. Just need 2hkd. We can travel from The Central to Causeway Bay. We came here for shopping again :P

We went to TimeSquare and saw this exhibition. Cute mushroom.

All the things here were made by fabric.

Fenny and I.

On the final week, our lady boss came to Hong Kong as well. Due to our hard work, she brought us to a famous restaurant called “Yung Kee restaurant – 香港镛记酒家“.

You must try the roasted goose and preserved egg with pickled ginger! Looked at the preserved egg 皮蛋 *although the photo spoilt d* too delicious d…You will see the flower 花纹 inside the egg. Very special one!! But the food here expensive lor :P , if order set meal, 2 persons cost around 600hkd. Forgot the price d. When my hubby came, I will bring him to this restaurant. I will post more photos about the food here in my next post :)

The next day, Joanne, Fenny and I was planning to catch up the Hong Kong light show at Tsim Sha Tsui. The show will be started at 8 pm during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Before the show, we walked around at Tsim Sha Tsui.

One of the well known hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui – The Peninsula.



3 of us with Hong Kong Night View!

3 of us hug together. We used the Umbrella to protect the wind. It was so cold tonight! But it was such a great memory for us to sit down together watching the light show!

4 more days… I will went to Macau airport to meet my hubby :D . This is our first oversea trip. So, I was so excited to wait for that day come. After the trip, My hubby and I fly back to Singapore together. I told myself I will not back to Hong Kong within 5 years after this business trip :P .

Throughout this few months, I really learned and gained alot experiences especially I know well what is the feeling of working oversea. You may see alot funs to work oversea but in the real, we face alot of difficulties which only people who experienced it will know. Frankly speaking, this business trip as well as this project make me feel phobia on working life. I cant imagine why human can work non stop. Is it we have no choice? and have to work like this? Speechless…

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