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Our Hong Kong Disneyland ticket!

We bought the ticket from Dragon Hostel-龙群宾馆. Ya, forgot to tell you where we stayed :P . We stayed at a budget hostel called H.K Commercial Inn – 中港商务宾馆. Both hostel just located at same building – Sincere House (先施大厦). Thus, it was convenience to drop by Dragon Hostel to get the Hong Kong Disneyland ticket. It not only save our time to queue up buy ticket, but also save 100hkd for each ticket (applicable on weekday only). Thus, we arrange our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland on Monday :D

Our breakfast @ To Yuen Noodle – 桃园潮州粥面. I have eaten this noodle for > 10 times :P . Just felt very delicious and yummy. It was just need 10 mins walk from The Central station. Thus, I brought my hubby here to taste it since we need transit our train to Tung Chung Line at The Central Station.

After a full breakfast, we continued our journey. We travel form The Central station to Sunny Bay station, then transit to Disneyland Resort line. We were waiting the train to Disneyland Resort station – 迪斯尼 yo, so excited!

It was a Mickey Mouse train :) Cute!

Minnie mouse was behind me!

It was so comfortable to sit on the sofa seat.

Hubby & Mickey Mouse Window.

The Mickey Mouse hand holder!

Hehe, my new Mickey Mouse hairband.

It was a special design train. So nice right?

We reached Hong Kong Disneyland Resort!

The first thing we saw after entering the Disneyland Resort was a nice fountain.

I love Disneyland, for sure I will visit to Tokyo Disneyland and California Disneyland one day ^^

Before enter to Disneyland, let’s me show you the Park map of Disneyland first. Disneyland has divided into 4 part – Main Street, U.S.A (美国小镇大街), Adventureland (探险世界), Fantasyland (幻想世界) and Tomorrowland (明日世界).

The first place we went to is Main Street, U.S.A. From here, you can see a beautiful castle which located at Fantasyland.

Take a photo fist while waiting for street performance.

The first street performance – High School Musical -LIVE!.

After the performance, we went to Adventureland and catched up the first show – Festival of The Lion King.

Festival of The Lion King.

Ending of the show. All the characters was so colorful!

Me and Hubby @ Festival of The Lion King.

Queueing up to ride a river raft across mysterious waters to Tarzan’s towering house.

Tarzan’s treehouse.

On the top of Tarzan’s treehouse

This leopard always bully Tarzan ^^

Tarzan and his girlfriend.

The weather was so hot. Let’s get an aiskrim first while waiting for the Parade.

Er… Still got time. Let’s go to Mickey Mouse’ house first. We met Mickey Mouse but where is Minnie?

Actually inside here got alot cute and colorful stuffs but due to the parade show started soon.

Disney on Parade was started!

Snow white is coming soon.

Snow white and her castle.

Cinderella also inside the castle.

Seven dwarfs

Alice in Wonderland!

Toy Story – Woody and Jessie!

Mickey and Minnie’s castle! I love this photo! But too bad my hubby tummy looked so big neh =.=”’ Keke :P



Donald Duck ~ Kwek Kwek Kwek ^^

The parade show last for 30 mins. After end of show, we proceeded to Fantasyland.

Oh, the castle which I saw just now is Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Snow white’s magic well. Make a wish first :)

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.

Our first show in Fantasyland – The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh! Sit on The Pooh’s honey pot and ride through the forest.

Winnie The Pooh and his friend – Tiger.

Pooh’s always hungry for honey!

Cute Pooh!

Queue up at Fantasyland train station.

Took an old-fashion train for a relaxing ride around Hong Kong Disneyland.

Finally can take a rest after a half day walk.

Our next Show – The Golden Mickeys.

Mickey and Minnie :D

Toy Story.



Lilo and Stich.

Little Mermaid.

Beauty and the Beast.

Happy Family!

Next Station – It’s a small world (小小世界). I love this place.

The building very nice lei.. The color of the building make me feel so sweet :)

Even Inside the building also use the same design and color.

Pink color boat :)

Wau~ This place really nice. Please dont miss this place.

Very cute.

So relax ~

These puppets can move one.

So colourful.

White theme.

Green theme.

Mix Color theme.

Purple theme.

After the little world, we went to Fantasy Garden. Here, you can meet alot of disney’s characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck. But most of the popular character have a long queue. Thus, we didnt queue for all. We need to save our time for other activities.



There was one more show in Fantasyland – Mickey’s philharmagic

It was a 3D show!

This show was performed by Donald Duck.

Stay too long at Fantasyland already. You see, when reach Tomorrowland. The day become so dark x_X!

Luckily the show till 8 pm. So, we stil able to catch up “Stich Encounter” show.

After that, we went for a ride at Space Mountain. Due to most of the ride is just relaxing ride. Thus, we thought that this Space Mountain just another relaxing ride to see the star! Arggh! Is was a speed ride like roller coaster. Me and my hubby really shout like hell in this ride because it was so fast yo =.=”’.

Our final show – Disney in the Star Fireworks. We quickly chopped a place.

After end of show, most of the people left already. It was a good time for us to take photo :)

The light of the building so nice!

Nice background right?

The color will change to Purple.

Main Street, U.S.A at night.

Most of the shop will close at 9 pm. Thus, hubby and I quickly go to the shop buy some souvenirs. Found a cute mickey mouse hairband.

It was 9 pm already!

The street become so silent.

Seem like just left both of us :P

So we can pose whatever we want. Hehe ^^

Shoot what ever we want.

Thinking to shoot photo until the battery exhausted.

We are waiting guard to chase us out :P

But too bad didnt see any guard also. Okiela, go back la. Just take this final shoot at Main Street, U.S.A.

Do you still remember the fountain which I have taken the photo in the morning?

Fountain at night Very nice right?

Fountain in blue.

Fountain in purple.

Say bye bye to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Opps, forgot to take dinner :P Thus, we travelled back to Mong Kok and have our late dinner and dessert. Yummy ~ This is a popular dessert from Xu Liu Shan (许留山).

-The End-

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