ShareTweet I cant believe we signed up the pre-wedding photo package from Taiwan Bridal Shop – Cannes Wedding (坎城婚纱摄影). Initially we just thought to check out the price. But after a few hours discussion with the manager(嘉颖 Lisa),  we have decided to go Taiwan take our pre-wedding photo!!    March Flower Season: Cosmos Flowers,Mountain Cherry Blossoms,Apricot [...]



结婚 一周年

ShareTweet 今天十月三日,是我们的结婚一周年。。 如何庆祝呢?嗯。。 并没庆祝,却趁今天有空,打扫屋子。。 老婆:今天我应该过着太太的生活啊!为什么在家做家务的 x_x 老公:这样才像老婆啊 :D 老婆:||| 过一会儿。。。 老婆:老公,我突然间想要一份结婚周年礼物 - 请工人给我!!! 哈哈,Happy 1st Anniversary!    

ShareTweet This was a last minute trip after our ROM. We were wondering where to go! Because we have budget on this trip. Hope not to spent too much ~ FLIGHT We compared flight tickets among AirAsia, Jetstar, Tigerairways, Lionair, Garuda Indonesia, Cathay Pacific, and finally we came out decision – BALI. We bought our [...]

ShareTweet Continue from previous blog…. Date : 03.10.2009 Day : Saturday Time : 12.30pm Location : Thean Hou Temple Marriage Registry We reached Thean Hou Temple around 11.30 am. It was so crowded. Alot people register for marriage also . PS went to the registry office to get the queue number. The number we got [...]



ROM 03.10.09 Part I

ShareTweet Today is a very meaningful day for me. My status and my life will be changed after 12.30pm.  The feeling to become a people’s wife is really sweet and “xinfu”. Because I feel that I was belonging to someone and someone is belonging to me ^^ . Wish that we can “White Hair till Old” [...]

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