Dont worry Be happy

When you worry. Let’s think positively, why need to worry something that havent happened.
It only will increase your stress and make you loss confidence and even can ruin your life.
Dont let worry control your mind and your life.
Please chase away the WORRY in your mind and concentrate what you want to do later!

Let’s think about if plan A failed, go for plan B!
Let’s think about how to utilize the time wisely and beneficially instead of worry here and there!

Remember, dont look back your past. Walk and walk forward and dont give up!
Nothing to be regret in your life because the life is just short.
Life can be started with everything but life can be ended with nothing.
Hence, everything just part of your life.

“You” are the only one who control everything.

有人曾说领导者的任务在激励别人达到高成就, 而管理者的工作却在维护投资者的资产。最有成就的人就是能认清领导和管理两个角色之间的相似及差异之处,以等量的技巧和沉稳完成这两种工作。 如果办得到,当然也会有和努力成正比的报酬在等着他们。

书名:365 个快速成功法 (Napolean hill’s positive active plan)


书名:365 个快速成功法 (Napolean hill’s positive active plan)



Clay Craft

Finally, we moved our first step. We started our first clay craft 我们的第一作品 :)

Pink doggy which made by me. During the process of doing this doggy, I feel so “pek chek” and almost feel to give up. I have no patient and no confidence to complete it. Luckily my hubby has so much patient to teach me and guide me. Finally my doggy has been successfully made. But why my doggie looked like “Der Der” & “Blur Blur” 的样子..mean 笨笨这样咯!I think because got 笨笨这样的 maker lor ^^

ClayCraft (3)

Brown doggy which made by ps, like him right? 一副很踏实的样子,如果可以为狗狗配一副眼镜,效果应该更棒吧! Er… I found that doing clay craft can see through a person’s attitude! Do you agree too?

Cute right? Both doggies are husband and wife oh ^^
ClayCraft (2)

So happy to look at them everyday :) Hope so I can make more and more clay craft like crab, bear, pig… I know it will be difficult for me!But I will not give up! Jia You Jia You~

For those who wish to make this doggie, you can refer to the Demo of making doggies.

** Sincerely want to say thank you to my hubby’s sister – Grace, owner of ChuangYiGongFang 创意工坊. Without her, we unable to produce these 2 doggies **

虽然有很多事非人力所能左右, 但是有两件非常重要的事是自己所能控制的,那就是你的心和你的态度 (Mind and Attitude) 外力无法主宰成败, 只有能为成功善加计划的人,纵使在最险恶的环境中,也能发现成功之路。绝大部分问题的解决之道,都来自同一个根源,而且,是唯一的根源,那就是-自己。

要把生命驱策上最充实的境界,正如同坐着橡皮筏,在湍流中疾驶。一旦决定,你就难以改变、回避,只能奔勇向上, 才能划入宁静之城。这种兴奋与冒险使一切经历都变得值得。如果你从不尝试, 就永远无法了解那种绝望的强度,也只有亲经历,才能体会这种成功的狂喜。

书名:365 个快速成功法 (Napolean hill’s positive active plan)

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