Finally I was able to take out some time to write about my first house. I bought my first house since 2006. The apartment called “Sri Pinang Apartment” . It located at Taman Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong.

The reasons I bought this house are :
1) Previously stayed by my brother. So, no worry to buy from him :)
2) My sister-in-law kept the house very clean and most of the things still looked new except the wall la. That’s why we have painted it again!
3) I loved the design of the building. It looked like european-style apartment. Hehe..agree?
4) The environement here was nice, peaceful and silent.
5) This apartment was well maintained as of now.
6) This apartment was built by a well know property developer – SP Setia.
7) There is a swimming pool inside the apartment!

I still got alot reasons why I bought this house… unable to finish mentioned here :) Let’s me show you some photos about my beloved apartment.

Front view of Sri Pinang Apartment. The apartment was gated and guarded  by 24 hours security. If you wish to go IOI mall & Tesco. It was very convenience! You are not required to walk till very far to take bus. Because the bus will just stop infront of the guard house.


A small but confortable house :) .


你是否觉曾经觉得有时候你正是自己最大的敌人? 我们都有这种经验, 不论做什么事,  如果往往不能如预期所愿,事情有了差错,  我们也只好责怪自己. 但是,正如[ 你会是自己最大的敌人], 你也可能成为最好的朋友. 当你了解, 世间唯一能左右你成败的人, 就是你自己, 那么你就能[化敌为友], 当自己就好的朋友.

当你有了足够的成熟度和良好的性格,就能接纳自己是个怎么样的人, 并采取行动成为自己所希望的那种人, 你就会发现你[最好的朋友]. 分析自己的目标, 开始培养自己的力量, 并弥补不足之处,当你这么做,你就会了解, 支持你迈向成功之路的人, 就是你自己.

书名:365 个快速成功法 (Napolean hill’s positive active plan)

This celebration was not happened recently ya.. It was happened last year 13th June 2009! Hehe ^^ .I just want to note down my memory at my blog :)

My friend was registering. He got 1 invitation card which got 2 free ticket + purchase additional 4 ticket with S$8 for each.

The actual admission fee is S$18.00 for adult and S$12.00 for Child (3-12 years old).

Jurong Birdpark Map. For larger map, click here.

This is the first thing we saw when entering Jurong Bird Park. This area was not allowed people to take photo unless you paid them for the photograph.

I visited to this restaurant one year ago. When I first saw this restaurant, I thought it was New York Restaurant :P ? Do you feel the same too? Hehe, both of them are different lar ~ Empire State’s logo was so colorful and cute.

Empire State
201 Victoria Street
#04-03 Iluma At Bugis
Tel: +65 6238 7076
Open Daily 11am-11pm

Forgot what this called. But the food is quite big portion and the price still reasonable la :)

My friend has just back from Star Pisces Cruise. He just pay RM30 for 1 night star pisces ex-Penang cruise (included 1 buffet meal).Quite Cheap right? Actually, the exact price is around RM60 + RM30 but he used Genting world card point 10 GP points to waive the RM60. However, he earned back 8 GP points after spending whole night at casino. Still worth :)
Star Pisces Cruise

Click here to checkout for more details :)

*This promotion applicable only at Penang, Malaysia.

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