After we had fun for whole day, we felt so hungry. Thus, we went back to our resort for dinner.
Wood were placed in the stove to warm up the room.
While waiting for dinner , my hubby went to play snooker.

[picture source]

Big Carnival@Marina Bay Celebrates the Opening of the Waterfront Promenade and Marina Bay City Gallery!

The vision for Marina Bay is taking shape and to commemorate the completion of the key developments and the new waterfront promenade, come join us at the Big Carnival@Marina Bay for a weekend of fun with family and friends.

First of all, I would like to thanks everyone for the patient on loading all the photos below…Haha ^^ I know is alot but I really cant control myself not to share so much photos here :P
Let’s start my story for day 3 ~ If you have read my previous post. You will know that we were heading to our resort.
Here we reached our resort.
We were walking carefully through the ladder.
Such a wonderful place.
I can see the snow from our room. Our resort called Southern Cross Ski Club. Room rate AUD350 per nite. The longer you stay, the cheaper you pay. My sister had booked 3 rooms for 14 of us.
1st room – 3 double deckers for 6 people.
2nd room – 1 double decker & 1 queensize bed for 4 people.
3rd room – 1 double decker & 1 queensize bed for 4 people.
Living room.
Kitchen. Nice hor?
Outside the resort.
Everyone was ready.
There was a party at 3pm. We were going to rock and roll on SNOW. Lol ~
Mummy and I.
Are we at snow mountain? Is this a dream???
No. It was not a dream. I felt so grateful that I was here. Especially with my mom. She also first time went to snow place. She was enjoyed seeing the snow too.
I prefer my hubby’s jacket’s color.

Sister and brother-in-law took photo with snow trees.
Love this photo. The grass was no longer green color. It was white color.
Party time!
The party was started at 3pm.
Tonight, they will put on the fire here.
From here, you can take the Chairlift to explore the mountain. We missed out this! I thought this chairlift was just for skiier. But actually not, it was available for non skiier who wish to explore the mountain too. The ticket was AUD22 per person. Aiks, What a waste!
A cute bird.
Jia Xuan.
These 2 cute animal made the kids so happy.
Balloon time.


So crowded.
Jia Xuan gathered all different color balloon. So colorful.
Free wine. Siok to drink wine during winter time. It make our body felt warm.
My hubby was queueing for the chestnust! FOC!
The chestnuts were so yummy!
Ice carving time.
Just a few minutes. A horse shape was carved.
Do some touch up.
Poured some water on the ice.
Waw. It looked like a crystal now.
The kids was so cute. I like their winter cloth. So colorful.
A very chubby little girl.
Are they sibling?
Face painting?
Amber has alot balloons too.
She was playing with her balloons.
Do you notice my mom always stand behind the kids. She loved them. She was always beside or behind them just to protect them.
So cute! Dog’s winter cloth.
Adorable dog.
Almost 4 pm . We have “lepak-ing” here for almost 1 hour.
I helped you took photo
& you helped me took photo. Hehe, we always exchanged.
Mom was so caring.
All the kids were going for tobogganing. They left all the balloon for my hubby. See, such a good background.
Blue sky with colorful balloons. Nice.
Both of them was busying for eating chestnut while we were playing tobogganing.
Amber felt so uncomfortable for wearing all the winter stuffs…
See her red nose. She felt so cold.
How come sometime the sky looked blue, sometime looked white? My camera or the sky’s problem?
They were ready for the game.
Toboggan area.
Beep Beep Beep Beep. If you stand infront of them, you will hit by them. I was hit by a little girl when she was driving her toboggan.
Brake…. Finally they reached.
Amber laugh so happily.
Kai Bin’s turn. He was scared.
But he tried to be brave!
Now, Kai Bin was brave. He can even fetch Yu Hong along. Yu Hong was so scared this time.
After playing the toboggan. Amber mood become better.
She was so happy.
She bring happiness to her mom and everyone too.
My brother-in-law was taking photo for my hubby @_@. They are so free up there.
This kid got “Misai” one wor.
This little girl was so cute.
I love her winter cloth.
How come this kid’s toboggan looked so special.
The kids have so much fun here.
My brother and brother-in-law was waiting at the bottom there.
So professional lei.
Like this photo. The snow just belong to my brother-in-law.
Just do some blur effect on the photo.
Amber’s pose so nice ya.
Mother & daughter’s potrait.
Mommy and I. Mom looked so colorful.
Kai Bin so cool.
My mom smile.
Kai Bin smile.
Kids also tried, why not adult. My sister and brother-in-law turn.
My sister-in-law very funny.
The game havent started, she already shout loudly.
Eye closed, and hold tightly the tobaggan. So funny of her lei. Tai sou ar, you open the eye and see. Havent started yet ar..No scared no scared. LOL. Please dont kill me when you see your photo here. I just felt very funny of you lei…I guess you also laugh when you see these photos.
My brother become hero now. 1 fetch 2.
Amber felt so sleepy lei.
Hubby and I.
Hehe…No snowing la..My hubby tried to make some effect. He just took some snow on the floor.
Hehe…Winter Sonata feel like?
Too bad that no snowing that day. If not we can see the real snow flake. No worry, we will back again! Wait wait… Havent finish day 3 actually :P Still got part 3! Part 3 is about our night winter! Yea, another excited time for us!

If you have read my day 2 post, you may curious whether we able to wake up at 5am today? Hehe, we failed to wake up except my sister. She was superb! She wake up at 5am and give everyone a “morning call” at 5:30am. So, this time, we were not as late as yesterday.
In order to save time, we have our breakfast in car. We ate ♥ Subway ♥. Yummy ~
Let’s start our journey! Our destination today is Mount Buller, a winter wonderland which I wish to go long time ago~ Hooray! Mount Buller is the largest ski resort in Victoria. It took 3 hours drive from Melbourne.
We saw blue sky and green field along the way. It was so relaxing.
Doing exercise in car?
Mother and daughters.

Continue from my previous post, our next destination is Port Campbell National Park.
Most of the tourists will take Great Ocean Road (From Geelong -> Torquay -> Anglesea -> Lorne -> Apollo Bay) to reach Port Campbell National Park. You will see great ocean view along this road. [Picture Source]

But, we didnt take this road due to the bendy road curling around the coast line. We worried the kids will feel dizzy. [Picture Source]
So, we skipped Great Ocean Road and travel via Geelong Highway. It took approximately 2.5 hours to travel 190km from Melbourne to Apollo Bay. If not mistaken, the route we used was from Geelong -> Winchelsea -> Colac -> Apollo Bay. You can refer to the map below for clearer picture. Our destination were Port Campbell National Park & Twelve Apostles which has highlighted with blue color.
Hehe… Let’s start our journey.
After 2 hours journey, all of us were looking for toilet! We stopped by here. The view here not bad right?

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