ShareTweet On 19 Dec 2009, me and my hubby met up with Ian and David who travel to Singapore. I brought them to eat the World-famous Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung – 鼎泰豐. I was not kidding, if you try to search “world famous xiao long bao” from google. You will find alot [...]

ShareTweet On 24 Dec, I thought I was able to join the christmas party ~ But too bad, I was late for the party. Sorry everyone .Luckily my brother in-law got capture all the sweet memories which I have missed out. From the photo 1-5, I can feel how fun the party was Do you [...]



Happy Birthday To Little Amber

ShareTweet Today all my family members was celebrating 4 years old birthday with Little Amber Lim … My llittle niece – Amber Lim. She was so cute and pretty! I love her so much So sad I cant share the happy moment with them . Even trying to webcam with them also not working due to [...]

ShareTweet My Birthday Celebration part I on 24.09.09 … With My Jimui ~ Yee n Chin We celebrated at Waraku Japanese Cuisine Dining located at The Hereen Orchard My First Birthday cake (From BreadTalk). Yeah~ So early can blow cake. Make a wish first. Happy Birthday To MySELF Thanks both :* Food in Waraku Japanese [...]




ShareTweet 当我很想对方改变时 为何不改变一下自己的想法 学会接受,宽容,退一步 真的会比要求对方改变来得 更容易 更美好 更快乐

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