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Continue from previous post, here’s we reached Zaanse Schans, one of the Holland top tourist spot!

The houses here was uniquely built.

Beside visiting this beautiful place, we were here to look for a friend too! So excited to meet her~!

Finally we reached!

Hellow dear!~ Really glad to see you here after 7 years.

Heard that the pancake here was famous, so we went to the restaurant called ‘De Kraai’. Oh No, the pancake here quite expensive oh. Nvm la, just gave a try since we were here. We ordered Ham and Cheese which cost €9.95.

Oh yea, it was delicious and yummy and the portion quite big two. Me and hubby shared a pancake.

Next, we went to Cheese Farm De Catherinahoeve .

Delicious cheese – A taste of the Netherlands
This replica of an original farm from the village of Oostzaan was built in 1988 and has been converted into a cheese farm. Different types of Dutch cheese are made here daily. Cheese making demonstrations are conducted throughout the day and are available in many languages. Best of all is the possibility of being able to taste the end product!

Cheese lady demo for us how the cheese was processed and made.

Wau…it was heavy to bring these cheese back.

Cheese tasting.

After that, we went to The Wooden Shoe Workshop De Zaanse Schans
Walking on wood
The Wooden Shoe Workshop is situated in a former 1780 snuff and grain warehouse from the company Molenaar in Westzaan, relocated to the Zaanse Schans in 1984. Part of the storehouse has been devoted to the Wooden Shoe Museum, one of the largest and most beautiful collections of wooden shoes in the Netherlands including an absorbing audio-visual commentary of the history of this intriguing form of footwear. Free clog making demonstrations take place at regular intervals throughout the day, take approximately 5 minutes and are available in many different languages. Try on a pair, it’s great fun!

There are hundreds of pairs of clogs in all sizes and colours, tempting wooden shoe related souvenirs such as miniature clogs, key chains and ‘money clogs’ as well as an extensive range of typical Dutch souvenirs and ‘must-haves’ available in the workshop. 

Beautiful collections of wooden shoes.

Free clog making demonstrations.

Miniature windmill house.

Miniature holland house.

Try’s on a pair of wooden clog.

Me n hubby :D

Hehe ^^

Found another wooden clog.

Wooden clog + beautiful scenery!

Dont know how to describe the view here. Scroll down and enjoy the photos!

Can’t deny, the view here was superb view.  Will have more beautiful photo to show at next post -  Zaanse Schans part 2!

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    Just curious if you did buy the Eurail Global Pass for your Europe trip?


  2. QiQi Says:

    I did not buy the Eurail Global pass but I did buy the Switzerland pass ;)

  3. dina Says:

    I see…but wouldn’t it cost more if you travel by train without the Eurail pass? May I know how much you spent in total (roughly) on the train ticket to move from city to city?


  4. QiQi Says:

    Depend on your journey and place you want to go. Some train ticket is cheaper if u buy online in advance. And some country did provide ticket such as travel for 4 or 2 which is cheaper also. And I took flights also. So after calculate everything, my itinerary not require to use eurail pass. Eurail pass need book in advance too. Sometime if no book, no more seat then u need to wait. And if book I advance need to pay reservation fees. So you calculate n see lo…if feel that eurail pass cheaper of course go for that. I will email you my itinerary, u can see my train ticket fees there.

  5. dina Says:

    Thanks. Yes if you can send me your itinerary with the train ticket fees, that will be very helpful.

  6. skee Says:

    HI there. can you send me your itinerary to my email? I’m travelling to nether land, Germany and Switzerland. thnks in advance!

  7. QiQi Says:

    Hi Skee,

    itinerary sent!

  8. skee Says:

    HI QIQI,
    Did you attach? i cant see it

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