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Continue from previous post –  Day 2.

Today our itenary was  - 龙山寺 (Longshan Si) - 電影”艋舺 (Monga) “拍摄地点 – 剥名寮老街 – 基隆. Before that, we also captured some photos around Xi Men Ding. 
The time was still early, the shot was not opened yet.

So, we just took photo outside the building.
Police station at Xi Men Ding. 

Xi Men Ding town.
We had our late breakfast at a  restaurant called “鸭肉扁”.

Roasted Duck. Er.. Taste normal. Not really like it. Maybe some people will like it.
The noodle come together with the roasted duck.
This set cost us NT150! It was expensive!~
After that, we continued our journey to MRT Longshan Si.
This was Longshan Si Temple la~

電影”艋舺 (Monga) “拍摄地点 – 剥名寮老街

艋舺 (Monga)
艋舺 (Monga) 一日游?Sound interesting but too bad they closed on Monday!
All the shop closed! =.=”"”
Next time remember dont come on Monday Oh~
- The end-
Next, Kee Lung (基隆) !

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