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Continue from previous post, today was 19 September 2010 was a very meaningful day for Terence and Teresa. Terence woke up 5 am and get ready himself..
He was ready to depart…

Terence and his bestman!
They were ready to go!

Let’s go!

We crossed over the Penang bridge. 
All the car were stopped beside the road before reaching Teresa’s house.

We reached Teresa’s house soon…
Beep Beep Beep Beep………
We reached! Teresa’s brother met Terence.
Teresa’s brother passed the hand bouquet to Terence.
Lim’s family Four Golden Princess – 林家四千金!
Let’s a group photo for the bestman of Terence!

We were ready! Let’s the horse come – 放马过来吧!
送嫁娘 welcoming Mr Terence!
Have a nice breakfast before start the game.
Er…Terence was served a drink which has Egg, longan….
Yummy and delicious Kuih-muih were served.
Photo session.
Terence was so happy.
He looked so excited too.

The game was started!

1st game – Eat Big Bun! Not bad ohh…They were kind enough to treat them delicious bun…But too bad they just finished their breakfast.
No choice…Because of Terence, must eat!
Everyone was working hard to clear the “Duo Bao”.
Second, they prepared green grape with add on Chili!
3rd, they served some drinks to them..
Yark~ Dont know what inside the 100 plus bottle.
He looked enjoying the drink.
Trying to negotiate about the ang pao.
Seem like the guy who wear spec suggested to “Chiong Chiong Chiong”.

The situation was terrible lor.. 10 people push 1 people. That guy was so brave lor. 佩服佩服!
Terence just smile in heart..Hehe…Almost successful.
But Terence still need to pass Teresa’s sister stage. Q&A session.
Negotiating for Ang Pao again.
The best man prepared the ang pao.
Then, “Chiong” again!

Terence infront of the door and said :”老婆,我来了”.
Hehe…Finally the door was opened.

Terence’s pretty wife coming out.
Bride – Teresa!
Teresa helped Terence buckled the pin.
A lovely pin which made by Grace!

Just scroll down to enjoy Terence and Teresa’s sweet and happy moment.

A very nice and cute pin for bestman! Grace was really a great CLAY making expert. If you want to see more clay arts from Grace, you may visit to 
Bridemaid buckled the pin for best man.
Dang Dang. Looked special and lovely right?
Just now we saw the pin for bestman. How about bridemaids? Looked! A very cute mouse clay! It was a pendant. They wear it as a necklace or bracelet.
Bestman helped bridemaids to wear it.
A french kiss for bridemaid.
Continue sharing photo of Terence & Teresa’s happy moment.
Exchange ring.
I wished both of them stay sweet and happy forever.

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