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On 18 September 2010… We took Jetstar flight back to Penang ( $130 for 2 pax, round trip! So cheap) at 3 pm. The journey took around 1 & half hour. Ps ‘s sister fetched us at Penang Airport and we back to Tanjung Piandang (KakTao)directly. 
Why we so rush? Because there was a buffet dinner at home.This buffet dinner was prepared one day before Terence’s wedding. In chinese, we called this event as “留厅夜”.

When we reached home. It was 7 pm. The guest started to be crowded.
We were too hungry and the food smell good! Thus, we quickly served ourselves with this whole table food. Let’s start our meal! Yummmmmmy yummy for all the meal. So deliciousss~ 

Ps ‘s sibling + brother’s inlaw.

After proper meal, we had our dessert – Ice Kacang! Can eat as much as you can. So siok!
I miss Penang Laksa for quite a moment already. Thus, how to control myself not eating on this delicious penang laksa!
See, this is how the Penang Laksa looked like.
Laksa noodles.
Laksa with this cold ice kacang! Ho Chiak! 
After dinner, we helped to prepare some stuff for praying later.
After that, we was asked to help out on decorating the bridal car.
But we had no experience on decorating this. Thus, Terence has decided to look for expert people decorating this bridal car.
Everyone were so busy preparing for the praying ceremony.
Fruits & food needed for the praying ceremony.
Things needed for the praying ceremony.

Terence was waiting inside the Bridal Room.
A very cute sticker.

The ceremony started. Let’s take a picture with Papa & Mama
Feeding the rice ball. There was a purpose of doing this. But I dont know :P Need to check with parent-in-law.
After tonight, no longer Single status :P
After the ceremony had completed. Terence went back to the bridal room. Tomorrow this room will not be Terence alone but together with Teresa! To be continue …

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