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Eddie & Tracey Wedding Part 2

Continue from part 1, Eddie was required to write LOVE PROMISE using mandarin by referring to a well written paper. (p/s: Eddie doesn’t know how to write mandarin one).

“I promise to bring you to Maldives” from Eddie to Tracey :)
While writing, Eddie’s bestman was playing another game called Ice breaking. They were required to break the ice in order to get the key. They got 3 keys and let Eddie choose.

Done! Finally Eddie had completed his “passport” in order to access to the room.
Eddie has selected the right key! Finally Eddie was successfully opened the door and met her lovely wife , Tracey.
Scroll down and enjoy the photo… I felt so lazy and dont know how to describe the process. Anyway, ”A picture can tell thousand of words”. 


Tea ceremony. One photographer and one videographer. They were pro~ Both of them from KeepGallery.
New style…wearing napkin?
Tracey’s parent.





Tracey’s uncle and auntie.
Another uncle and auntie.
Tracey’s sister.
Giving ang pao to young generation. 
Tracey’s college mate.

I love Tracey’s hand bouquet.
Around 12am..Eddie brought Tracey back to his home.
Another round of process need to be done…This is so called chinese traditional wedding lor :)
Love this photo!
Their cozy room. Nice decorate!
Nice photo.

The End for Eddie & Tracey’s morning session wedding ceremony.

After few hours.. Is time for wedding dinner! The wedding dinner was hold at Jaya Palace at Wisma LYL. 
We sat at Table 28. In mandarin mean “easy go rich”. Okie, pray for it.

Meet with our old friends ( College Mate )
The stage @ Jaya Palace. 
I personally like the environment here.
Old buddies~
So happy to see them again after 7 years.

Smile~ But no one looked at my camera :) LOL. 
7 years ago, we were just student. Can you find Tracey?
After 7 years… Everyone became so pretty and handsome and our Tracey became pretty bride.
Nice lattern. 
Entrance to Jaya Palace.

It was a great time to spent with Tracey tonight. 
To Tracey : Hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and see you again soon!





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