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I believe that you always found a “Jipaban” advertisement appear in my blog. Do you know what’s that?

At first, I dont know what’s Jipaban means. After I read through Xia Xue’s blog, only I know that Jipaban is a hokkien word, it means 1 million. In chinese we called “Yi Bai Wan (一百万)”! Hoho…Such a funny name but very easy to remember the website name now –!

Jipaban website is an online shopping portal. It integrates shopper and retailer together.

You can do a virtual shopping here.

You can open a virtual shop here.

I found that this website is cute and creative. It was very user friendly too. Thus,I also register a shopper account. See, I have my own mall!

Wau… It was not just a shopping website. It also allowed you add friends here! So interesting! Hope that I can found something cheap and nice here! Happy shopping!

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One Response to “Jipaban Online Shopping Mall”

  1. cathy Says:

    I quit jipaban after a few weeks. Just got frustrated from the crashing issue and also it just makes my firefox dies. I am using firefox 3, maybe that’s why never heard other complain about the issue. Another thing is that I just get so annoyed with nuffnang trying to make use of bloggers to pump up their traffic. Ya, but at the end bloggers need money to survive and they will promote those that pay.

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