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Finally, we was able to book a trip to Tawau from Air Asia Free Seat Promotion! It was 0 fare! Total fare include tax only RM30 for 2 PAX! Very cheap right? Our travel period will be from 20 April to 23 April 2011! One more year to go :P ~If you wish to go Tawau, you still can checkout the ticket from I believe 0 fare still available now.

At first we were planning to go Taiwan (Cheapest fare I found : RM74), Tianjin(Cheapest Fare I found: RM74), or Hangzhou(Cheapest fare I found : RM124). However, the travel date not so suitable. Eventhough we found some suitable time, the ticket could be sold out within 1 sec. So, you must act very fast in order to grab it! In conclusion, we unable to book any :( Nvm, next round Air Asia Free Seat promotion will gambateh again!!

We plan to go Tawau because we want travel to Mabul & Sipadan Island! Look at the picture below.This is one of the resort at Mabul Island. The resort name called Sipadan Water Village Resort. Nice right? I want to stay there!!! But so expensive yo… RM 1,080.00 per person for 3 days 2 nights. So, I dont think I was afford oto stay there yet. Will see how on next year :) . By the way, for those who wish to stay there, you can Click here to check out for more details.

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