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A birthday dinner with PS at Dian Xiao Er which located at AMK hub. A restaurant which recommended by Ah Sang.

Dian Xiao Er – 店小二
Website :
Address : #B2-02 Ang Mo Kio Hub
Tel: (65)6484 2268
Mon – Fri 11.30am – 4.30 pm (last order 4.00pm) | 5.30pm – 10.0pm (last order 9.30pm) Weekend and Public Holiday 11.30am – 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Everyone have to be on time else you wont be served :P

We ordered The Healthy Set (less salt, less oil) – 健康套餐(少盐,少油)

Where is PS? Hehe ^^ He was camera man lor.

PS is back :)

Sang & Sun Sun

Yong & Jaynee

We are serving with peanuts while waiting for the food.

Fish Maw Thick Soup w/ Black Fungus – 木耳蟹肉鱼鳔羹.

Duck Roasted w/ Ten Wonder Herb – 十全烤鸭

You must try this when you visit to Dian Xiao Er. It was so tasty and delicious!

Braised Mushroom in Chinese Wine-黄酒焖鲍鱼菇

Chinese Spinach Superior Stock – 上汤银鱼仔觅菜

Stir-Fried Lotus Root w/ Macadamia Nut -凤果传珍

OldStyle Steamed Fish Slices – 古法蒸生鱼片

Once the food served…

Very fast, we cleared most of the food :P

After the meal, we was served with dessert. You can choose either Gui Ling Herbal Jelly – 龟苓膏, Healthy Yogurt 健康优酸乳 or D-Boiled Hashima w/ Ginseng & Red Dates – 人参红枣炖雪蛤

Fei :)

James & Kim

Dian Xiao Er ~

After dinner, we have wine session at YCK home.


Looked here!

Cheers to PS, Happy Birthday to U :)

We are discussing how to finish the wine… and we decided to play cards – Who lose who drink!

After 1 hour, we cleared half botol of wine. Due to Sang & Sun Sun need to catch up last train at 1130pm. Thus, we have a early cake session with PS first. Thus, we cleaned up the table.

PS Birthday Cake from Secret Recipe – Black Forest.

A very colorful and nice decorate cake.

Group photo take 1.

Group photo take 2.

Group photo take 3.

Happy Birthday To U ~ Lalalalalala … A birthday song to PS!

Hubby & Me.

A birthday kiss to hubby. Paiseh Paiseh :P

1, 2, 3 Yea…

Do you see the blueberry inside the layer of the cake. So delicious!

We finished half of the cake.

Then, we continued our game.

Red face #1

Red face #2

Red face #3

This guy no red face one. Still look so handsome and steady ya ~

Yea ^^ He was so funny after abit drunk drunk ~

James Got 777 number, he was requsted to drink the half glass of the wine one shot!

He lost again!

Finally he was drunk! Haha ^^

After a while, James awake again ~

He continued the game.

Fei was so excited when he make someone lost.

Left 4 of them fight big small in order to clear all the wine on the table.

First time PS drank so much.

Finally, everyone was drunk… Good night and Happy Birthday to PS!

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