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You may wish to read part 1 before continue this second part.

What I want to share is about our second week in Hong Kong :) My face looked so tired hor. We were going for lunch now.

Our lady boss brought us to a famous goose rice restaurant but I have forgotten what the restaurant called already.

Da Dang~ Roasted Goose rice 鹅脾饭. In cantonese we called “O-Bei-Fan”. I miss it :D . It really taste good especially when the goose meat mix with the sour plum sauce ~ Yum Yum

After lunch, we visited to this building – The Centre – 中环中心. Actually Fenny went to 3rd floor to meet client before. So lucky of her :D

Inside the building.

The design looked class right?

Outside the building.

I like the background.

This logo looked familiar right? Ya, is DBS Hong Kong bank.

Alot people looked at us lei, so paiseh :P

The next day. We repeated the same thing – Wake up, work, lunch, work, dinner, OT, sleep.

This is the restaurant that we planned to have our lunch.

But.. There was a long queue. Bei tahan~

Thus, we just went to another restaurant. Before that, let’s too a picture with this nice aquarium first.

Hehe, where we go nei? We went to this “To Yuen Noodle – 桃园潮州粥面” Restaurant. Just opposite our office. The address : 香港皇后大道中138号.

As usual, I will order my favourite food – Fish dumpling noodle – 鱼饺河粉! The cheapest food in town area here ya. It cost 19HKD per plate. In Hong Kong, food very expensive. Normally one plate of food cost around 30HKD.

We also ordered fried fish skin (炸鱼皮) – HKD19 per plate. Taste good also, can try.

Okie, back to work ~ This is our working area.

We are trying to tell you.The most earliest time we can go back is 9 pm, mean today. And we are so tired like a dying fish after that!

Fenny still looked energetic. Only she can stand till so late everyday! We are not as strong as her lor!

During our dinner time, we saw this Bak Kut Teh restaurant! The founder is from Malaysia – Klang Hokkien Society! No kidding oh… Hong Kong also can find Malaysia Bak Kut Teh leh! So, we decided to try it out. Er… Overall…I still prefer original Klang Bak Kut Teh from Malaysia!

Sometimes, we also have our dinner at this hawker centre. The food not bad just the environment dirty abit.

This is their menu.

In conclusion, our business trip – 90% WORKING life. I am not sure how’s other business trip lar. For us, we just work non-stop. non-stop and non-stop. most of the weekend, also need to work. If you felt tired, stress, unhappy, still need to work. You have no choice. However, I learnt alot here. This is one of the good experience in my life. All these already became a history.Over already. Most of the unhappy thing already forgot and only remember happy memories. So, when think back, I will felt memorable and smile in heart. How about my teammates if you see my blog about our hong kong business trip? Do you feel the same?

More to blog at here but I felt so tired now. Thus, take a rest. Maybe tomorrow I will continue post about how I celebrate my valentine’s day at Hong Kong! See you.. Good night :)

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