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Supposedly I should post this entry last week. But I was too busy on something, that’s why this blog entry has been delayed. Hope you will still have interested to read this post although it was late ;) By the way, best thing always come the last! Hehe ^^

On day 6 of lunar calendar first month, my cousin has invited us to her open house party. You can find my cousin from the photos below. Start from right, #2 – a pretty woman who wear in red.

Aunty #4 Big family already occupied whole living hall :) Alot people lor ~
Tropicana (2)

My cousin niece was playing cards with her friends at dining hall.
Tropicana (3)

Jia Xuan and Ming Ming took a photo at balcony.
Tropicana (4)

The party was held outside the house.
Tropicana (5)

We have buffet here :) The curry chicken was nice!
Tropicana (6)

My favourite colorful Jelly!
Tropicana (7)

Can you guess who is my 5th aunty and small aunty?Both are look alike. Of course nor, they are sisters.
Tropicana (8)

My hubby was tired after a whole day drive. From Tanjung Piandang to Teluk Intan to Kota Kemuning then to Tropicana :) . Thus, he just rest at this area.
Tropicana (9)

My cousin sisterS.
Tropicana (10)

My cousin sisterS’s friend.
Tropicana (11)

Another group of cousin sister’s friend.
Tropicana (12)

My small aunty, Qing Jie, Nee Jie, Long Gor :)
Tropicana (13)

Very fast, they become good friends.
Tropicana (15)

They are so happy playing together. Yeah!
Tropicana (14)

My Yilou and his son :)
Tropicana (16)

Amber 5 years old, Ming Ming 4 years old. They are cousin. Yo, see this Ming Ming ~ action lor
Tropicana (17)

Tropicana (18)

Mei Choo’s family.
Tropicana (19)

We all have a chat here.
Tropicana (20)

A nice place to rest and relax :)
Tropicana (21)

My little nephew with his mama.
Tropicana (22)

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