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During CNY, I was not able to meet up with any friends. Because I didnt stay at Anson anymore. But I missed the gathering moment. Thus, I asked my hubby to stopped by Anson for a while before back to KL.

We gathered at Bey’s house. I arrived around 2 pm. We only have around 1 hour plus to meet up because I need to rush to KL to attend my cousin’s open house. Although just 1 hour but already meant alot for me :)

During our young time, we liked to take photos :) If I got free time, I may share with you OUR photos! Too bad this time Peng was not in Anson, else we can have a perfect JimuiS potrait :) If not mistaken, this is our lastest perfect JimuiS potrait which was taken during Peng’s wedding 2008 ~

Okie, come back to our 2010 cny gathering, while waiting for Yun…Let’s start photo first. All pretty ladies’s photo!

Chin and Yee

Bey and Me

Yee and me
Anson (8)

Yun and Me

Chin and me

Nowadays, our photo will have more members – got man and kids :)
Anson (6)

We just like to take photos and this girl always like to hide behind me. So that she can look thinner oh ^^ Luckily I am thin type. Let’s say I become fat in future. We must take turn ya!
Anson (5)

Two pretty ladies! 3 of us in Singapore now~
Anson (7)

Er… Both wearing Sister’s shirt? How come didnt inform us! JK lol ^^
Anson (10)

Yun and Bey. Bey will back to Suzhou, China soon. I hope I can visit her one day!
Anson (11)

Yee and Bey.
Anson (12)

That cute boy is Chin’s son~ Look like sister and brother right?
Anson (13)

2 fair ladies!
Anson (14)

Double Y – Yun n Yee!
Anson (15)

Do Re Mi Fa So ~ Start from left -> Me, Bey, Yee, Chin, Yun
Anson (16)

So Fa Mi Re Do ~
Anson (17)

Jin Hao has his own fun there.
Anson (18)

Who are them?
Anson (19)

They are our Hero!
Anson (20)

Why I say they are hero? Eg. Man are taking care of kids while woman are chatting :D
Anson (23)

Bey’s niece ! I believe in future Bey’s daughter also pretty and cute like her.
Anson (21)

Me and Jin Hao! Yea ~
Anson (24)

Before we left, Bey’s mom treat us home cook Nasi Lemak! Thank you so much Aunty for the nice treat!
Anson (25)

To aunty : “Your nasi lemak was great ~ I hope I can have more!”
Anson (26)

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