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The most longest hair I have since baby till now…
New hair Cut

But 80% of my hair spoilt already :P due to rebonding, colouring…Thus, think…think…think…Finally…I decided to say bye bye to my broken and spoilt hair! So, I just told the hairstylist CUT it! My hairstylist was good and patient. He spent 4 hours to cut and color my hair! And the price not expensive. From $50-$75 depend your hair length. So, after 4 hours! Dang Dang~

Back view
New hair cut

Front view
New Hair Cut

Side view

Already > 10 years didnt cut short hair ~ I wish I can have this short hair since long time ago. Just not dare to try it :P . Now I am so happy because finally my wish come true ^^.

How do you feel on my new hairstyle? Do you think long hair or short hair more suit me?
New Hair Cut

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10 Responses to “A Brand New Year, A Brand New Me”

  1. Lu Yee Says:

    nice hair cut! Something different lo. Look very fresh with short hair

  2. QiQi Says:

    Thank you Lu Yee :D !

  3. Maljana Says:

    You look very beautiful with bob!! You had to be very brave to go throught this big makeover. I admire you! Have you regretted it since that and what did you do with your long hair?

  4. QiQi Says:

    Thanks! No regret :)

  5. Jen Says:

    You look fresh and awesome. You cut so long hair, what did you do with it, kept for memory?

  6. QiQi Says:

    Thanks :) hair will grow again :) so no point to keep it ^^

  7. Jen Says:

    You did good thing. I like more bob, it looks good on you. :-) I have similar hairdo. :-) How did you feel when got rid of that long hair? It must have been too heavy. So did you donate your hair?

  8. QiQi Says:

    Sure you look awesome too in bob style :)

  9. Lin W. Says:

    That´s the stupid question. When I cut my hair I just threw it away. Out with the old. I guess you did the same, didn´t you? BTW you look very cute with bob.

  10. QiQi Says:

    Hey Lin ~ Sure throw away! Old go new come what! Thanks anyway!

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