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Sizzling Toufu

Sizzling Toufu 铁板豆腐 (DIY)

Actually I didnt follow any recipe to cook this sizzling toufu,  I just whatever I observed before from the foodstall:P
I have cooked this for twice already.

For the first time, I use toufu, carrot, brocolli, Corn ( Jagung 花 ), cauliflower,mushroom,  minced meat and egg :)  .
For the second time,  I use mixed vegetable  to replace those vegetables.
Of course, 1st time more tasty :P because cook with the fresh vegetables but I have no photo to show for the 1st time. hehe ..

Second time Sizzling Toufu
Ingredients : mixed vegetables, silken toufu, minced meat, mushroom, soya sauce, vegetarian oyster flavoured sauce, salt, sugar.


Method :

1. Fried the sliced toufu until both side turn into golden yellow  ( But too bad, the toufu is so soft~ I turn the toufu up and down frequently, it almost spoilt the toufu,
another problem is, I have wait for 10 minutes! The toufu’s color still havent turn into golden yellow color!
I Really wonder Why??

Then I tried  to turn on the gas with higher level. Haha~ finally,the toufu turn into golden color immediately! Oh, now I know!
Besides that,
1 thing to remember also, dun turn up and down the toufu so many times, ok?

After the toufu done, I fried the minced meat with mushroom and mixed vegetables and add the sauce.
Before serving, I  heat the hot plate untill it is very hot. Then I fried egg. Pour the toufu, minced meat, mushroom and mix vegetables over.


Conclusion : The toufu not easy to cook. This is not the correct recipe actually, I self made the recipe and I m just sharing my experience on cooking this sizzling toufu :P …
If you want to try,  you may try it also cause I feel the taste…hehehe… not bad also ya~ quite yummy yummy ….
I think I will search for correct recipe to cook sizzling toufu again ;P Try Again ya ~ End ~

 This dishes cost around SGD2.50 and serve for 6 peoples.


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