ShareTweet This was our second day in Paris, our destinantion today was Paris Disneyland!Before that, we went to the nearest supermarket – Marche Franprix to buy breakfast.     

ShareTweet Our day 1 last destination was Eiffel Tower 巴黎铁塔.  

ShareTweet Continue from previous post, let’s continue my journey in Paris Do you see the Arc De Triomphe (凯旋门) ? Looked near right? In fact is far oh ~ It took around 30 mins to reach there (almost 3 train station!). But there were a lot of cafes, luxury specialty shops along this Champ Elysees (香榭丽舍大道)    

ShareTweet After visiting Musée du Louvre, we walked to the near by shopping centre to look for toilet ~ In Europe, it was quite difficult to find a toilet and most of the toilet have to pay at least €0.30 – €0.50! Finally we found a Free toilet at Starbuck Cafe which opposite the Mcdonal. You [...]

ShareTweet Continue from previous post, here we reached Musée du Louvre (罗浮宫). If you lazy to walk here, you can take Metro line 1 to Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre. Lourve museum or simply The Lourve – is one of the world’s largest museum, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic [...]

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