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Continue from day 2… Our next destination was Netherland by THALYS. We departed from Paris Nord and arrived at Amsterdam Central (07:25 to 10:43). It costs  €70 per person/way.  The train was super on time. You cant even late 1 second. So, it was advisable to reach the station 30 mins before your departure time.

We almost missed the train but luckily we still able to catch up the train else we had to spend extra to buy the ticket again! We were inside the train and the seat was comfortable. WIFI service was provided in the train but you have to pay for it.

What we saw along the journey…We already reached Netherland but havent reached Amsterdam Central yet.

We reached Rotterdam Central, few stations before Amsterdam Central.

Finally we arrived at Amsterdam Central! THALYS train that we took~

First thing we always did is to look for the tourist office and get the map. The officer there was helpful and kind, they can speak english well too.

Yea, I was so happy that we reached Amsterdam!

We followed the map and walked to our hotel- WestCord City Centre Hotel Amsterdam. It was just 5 mins walk! Very near only.

Our room cost around €100 per night. I could say that the price was quite reasonable compare to other hotels. The location good and the room condition quite cozy too.

Bicycle was the main transport in Amsterdam, then followed by tram, train or boat. So, when you walked around the town, must be aware of the bicycles o ^^

After we had settled down, we took a train from to Koog-Zaandjik. According to the map below, it was just few station away from Amsterdam Central. The journey was about 20 mins only. Ticket fare euro 3.4

We departed around 12 03 pm.

Whole train was reserved by us :P  No body inside the train @_@

After a while, we reached Koog Zaandijk!

We walked to Zaanse Schans (Green color area). Zaanse Schans was a superb beautiful place o~

We crossed the road and a bridge, then we saw Zaanse Sanchs.

When you saw red light you must stop oh. Why lei?

The road can moved de! Faster took a photo first.

And so big process just to let a ship to cross over ~ _~

View from the bridge.

Finally we arrived Zaanse Schans. It was really a beautiful and peaceful place. Stay tune for more photos in my next post!

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