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This was our second day in Paris, our destinantion today was Paris Disneyland!Before that, we went to the nearest supermarket – Marche Franprix to buy breakfast.

I was wondering which sandwhiches to choose?

Finally we bought this XXL Daunat brand sandwiches.. €2.57

We took train from St-Michel N-Dame (Blue Line) to Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy Paris Disneyland (Red Line A4), transit at Chatelet Les Halles. The journey was about 45 mins. Train ticket is €7 per way per adult.

Yea, we reached Paris Disneyland!

Paris Disneyland was divided into 2 parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.  We bought ticket online from Paris Disneyland official website. We selected 1 day 2 parks weekend  ticket, €50 per adult. If weekday, it only costs €40.

It was quite hard to explore everything within 1 day. So, you should get the map and programme schedule from visitor’s counter before plan you journey. After we looked through the programme, we decided to spent half morning at Walk Disney Studios Park first as this park closed at 6 pm whereas Disneyland Park closed at 9 pm.

Walt Disney Studios Park has divided into few studio lots – Front Lot, Production Courtyard, Backlot, ToonStudio.

Front Lot. You’re on-set at Disney Studio 1 for the shooting of a motion picture production. Props, sets and famous façades surround you. It’s your moment to shine

Toon Studio ~ The history and secrets of Disney animation colourfully revealed for all. Marvel at the work of the master animators who gave the 20th Century some of its greatest animated characters. Recommended for children.

Art of Disney Animation.

Toon Studio – Toy Story Playland.

Meet the Green Army Men at Toy Story Playland ~

Looked fun o~ But long queue.

A giant Buzz Lightyear.

Then, we proceeded to Production Courtyard.  We waited infront of Cinemagique for the Disney’s Star ‘n’ Cars’ parade.

Here’s they came.

Say Hello to Mickey and Minnie! Met so many disney characters here…Just scrolled down to enjoy the photos~

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Heard that this was the most terrific ride here!

So, for those who like adventure and exciting activity! This was a must try ride! Don’t miss!

Studio Tram Tour - Count on the calamitous Catastrophe Canyon ride to shake up the crew!

Stich Live!

Rock and Roller Coaster - An adrenaline charged rock ‘n’ roller ride.

Armagendon special effect. Join in the filming of the mega-thriller “Armageddon” inside a space craft’s control room as you’re bombarded by rocks from an asteroid the size of Texas. Where’s the exit hatch??

The final show before we end our day in Walt Disney Studios Park  - Monteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular featuring Lightning McQueen! More stunts than you could ever dream of! It’s an exciting live action show, demonstrating how stunts are performed and filmed!

Full of crowd.

The show was started!

Lightning McQueen!

Great show! Dont miss!! Stay tune for our next desitination – Disneyland Park!!!


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  1. Clarice Says:

    Hello! I saw your Taiwan holiday posts and are amazed how you managed to squeeze in so many places during your stay! I’ll be going there in May this year, would you mind sharing with me your itinerary? :) Thanks loads!

  2. QiQi Says:

    Thanks Clarice~ Already email you! Enjoy ur trip!

  3. Xinwei Says:

    Hi! Appreciate if you can also send me your Euro tip itinerary as well. I am planning a F&E trip end of this year and am doing ‘homework’ now.. Thanks alot in advance!

  4. QiQi Says:

    I have emailed the itinerary to you le~ Happy Planning!

  5. Huiwen Says:

    hello! are you able to share your itinerary for the europe trip? :) I love your pictures! I’m planning for my honeymoon! :)

  6. QiQi Says:

    Hi, my pc is not with me now…can’t send the itinerary to u now..will send to u later. When will u go Europe? Hope I able to send you before u go.

  7. grace Says:

    Hi. Enjoy reading your europe posts.can you email me your itinerary? Thanks!

  8. QiQi Says:

    Hi Grace, email you already :)

  9. Hui Says:

    Hi, I thought your iti was well planned, would like you to share with me your iti, thanks :)

  10. Serene Says:

    Im planning a F&E in Oct, would u mind sharing me your Europe trip itinerary? thanks so much!

  11. Clarice Says:

    Hi, I’ll be going Europe for honeymoon this december. Would you mind sharing with me your Europe itinerary? :) thanks!

  12. QiQi Says:

    Clarice, already sent! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  13. Melisa Says:

    Hi Qiqi,

    Stumbled upon your blog when I was researching for my Europe trip :) Very comprehensive and lots of photos! Enjoyed reading it… By the way, just wondering for the disneyland tickets – you purchase from the website and we can just print the tickets? Or how? Also if possible, Hope you can share with me your itinerary too!

    Many thanks!

  14. Winnie Lim Says:

    Can I have a copy of your itinerary as well? Thanks a lot!

  15. QiQi Says:


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