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Happy Wedding

Tik Tok Tik Tok…Time flies… Counting down for my Big Day!!! 2 more days!! My wedding is coming soon!!! So excited yo! Everyone will say must sleep early so can be a pretty and happy bride. But in fact, is hard to sleep well and tired also :( As too much thing to worry about :P  Or may be myself worry too much lei =.=”’. However, when the date near..All my tiredness turn to hapiness~ Feel so happy that can meet everyone soon and celebrate together! So, I told myself must relax relax ^^dont worry be happy, everthing will be fine :D . Wishing me and my hubby will have a blissful, wonderful and memorable marriage, and hope everything sun sun li li!!! 
We would like to say a BIG Thank You to our family members, relatives and friends who will going  to spend their pleasure time with us on our coming BIG Day! For those who travel far. Safe journey and drive slowly ya!Safety no 1! For those who help out throughout my whole wedding process, really thank you so much. Is very lucky to have u! For those who I invited but not able to make it, dont worry, I still receive your wish and will bring your wish together on my Big Day! For those who I know but didnt get invited, please forgive me, I didnt forget you just because location is too far :) So, it was abit troublesome for you guy to travel so far ~ And, of course, I will also keep your wish in my heart too!! So, no matter how, hope to share  our happiness to everyone who I know! Every wish is super meaningful to me and PS. We will keep till we old till forever!!! Hehe. A loud shout here=>Me and PS are married soon!! (In fact we are legally married last 2 years lar :P ) This time is traditionally and officially 入门啦 :D  
Hehe… Last but not least! Let’s celebrate together on this coming Saturday and YUuuuuuummmm SenGGGGGGG !!!!! 

Me and my lovely husband ~ PS ♥

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