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Today we went to Suntec for PRADA Sales! This is our second time went to this kind of event. I remembered last time there was a coach sales near expo there. I reached there around 12 pm, havent step in to sales hall already saw a notice board – “ALL SOLD OUT”! So, this time, we dont want miss the chance. We reached there  on time 11am! O.M.G! Although on time but still super Long Q lor.

We queue for almost 1 hour…only reach here..still got 30% to go!
Finally, our turn to go in!
Actually I didnt plan to buy any bag as these few months had spent almost RM25k for my JB house, PK liao~
Thus, I just came here to look look and try try :) Let me share some pictures as well as their selling price for your reference  :D  
Gucci – $969
Gucci again. This design quite nice  – $899! If you wish to see the US price for the Gucci. You can visit to their website.

Coach Sling Bag – $435 ( if not mistaken).
Coach Shoulder bag – $459.

Another design of coach bag – $419
All the Coach bad still got additional $30 but most of the design I not really like it. Again, you can visit to coach website for the US price.
Kate Spade, the price should be $469 if not mistaken.
Another design of Kate Spade.
Kate Spade again – $469!
Prada sales, how come dont have any Prada bag??? Almost all taken or sold out! Most of the people just grab a fews althought not plan to buy. Below is the only PRADA handbag which I able to grab it for a try! It cost around $999! 
Tomorrow, I will go for Coach Sales which I missed last time! Not sure the price will be cheaper or not. I really hope I can find my “dream bag” but I cant just grab it without doing any survey as it was not cheap oh ^^ I still want to survey about LV, LongChamp, Burberry. Hehe, my dear wish to buy for me but I understand that we were tight of $$$ recently ;) So, dear, no worry, no pressure. I will wait for you ya! LOL :) If anyone know where can get cheaper luxury handbag, remember to share with me oh ^^

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