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Continue from part 2, Terence & Teresa had reached Tanjung Piandang.


Reached home :)
Met Daddy & Mummy.
Yum Char Session soon.
Pray Pray session.

Yam Char session started.

Gave Ang Pao session.


Photo session. 
Bridemaids aka Jimuis~
Bestman aka Heng Dai~
Around 6 pm, we were got ready for the wedding dinner.
Teresa & friends.
Teresa & her sister.
Yummmm …..
Yummmm seng~!
Everyone Yum Seng together :D

PS & his brothers~
PS father was VIP today :D
Very well decorate dish. The dinner food was nice!

Grace & Winston.

Today Xiao Mei looked sexy & pretty oh :D
Xiao Mei &  her girl friend.
Xiao Mei & her friends.
Kochabi ~ 古早味 ice cream. Yum Yummm ;p
~ The End ~

Wish Terence & Teresa have a happy wedding :D 祝你们白头偕老,恩恩爱爱!



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2 Responses to “Terence & Teresa Wedding Part 3 @ Tanjung Piandang”

  1. ps Says:

    Life has just Begun…

  2. QiQi Says:

    Another part of new life began!

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