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Eddie & Tracey Wedding Part 1

12 September, early morning 7.45 am… We drove from Kota Kemuning to PJ and to Cheras for Eddie and Tracey big event! We reched there around 8.30am. Oh, some “nice breakfast” was prepared by Tracey’s bridemaids.
While waiting for Tracey, we “lepak” and took photo around.

Sunnie and Sang.
A beautiful bracelet for all the bridesmaids.
We were here for Tracey!
Tracey was so happy to see Sunnie.
“Tracey, you looked so gorgeous and pretty.”

“Tracey : “Happy Marriage :)
She was so excited oh…
Her Make-up artist (MUA).
Around 9.30am…Groom was arriving!
Waw…so big gang of “Heng Dai”, more than 10 people lei~ They were so supportive.
Of course, bridemaids also alot~ So, quite competitive. Almost 10 vs 10! LOL.

The game was started! 1st stage…Dont know how to name this game, but I was sure you know what’s the game about.

2 bridemaids would have to go outside for stage 2, the rest was blocking at the door entrance.

Stage 2 – Stick the fake eyelash.

All the Hend Dai became so “girlish” now! Sexy~

Aiyo.. This Ah Chuan! Simply stick.
Eddie couldnt wait to see his lovely wife.
After pass 2 stage + get 1 ang pao. They were allowed to enter. But just outside the house.
Get ready for stage 3.
Stage 3 – Kissing!
Yer Yer ~
Stage 4 – Errrr…Such a funny game.
18 sx! If you are under 18, please skip this photo yo.
Newly fashion Bra model.
7778. Such a good car plate. In chinese – 去去去发!Mean go go go rich!
Stage 5 – Oh no, this will be a painful stage for them.
Their sexy trademark gone just within few second.

Another victim.
Ngek Ngek Ngek….
In his heart, he was thinking his lovely wife..So, no pain at all.
Stage 6 – Dancing time.
So cute.

No body No body but YOU!
No eye to see.
Again..No body No body but you…
Stage 7 – Breakfast time!
Oh…So yummy !
 So good! So Delicious…
Both of them were so enjoying the breakfast.
They had passed 7 stage already. Is time for negotiating on the ”Ang bao”
Let’s see ya…

Tracey’s sister : “What! Specimen Contoh!”
Tracey’s sister : “No no no..You all can go back now.”
Tracey’s sister : “Okie, this time still acceptable”
Another Dai Ka Jie came and request for another Ang Pao~ At first still happy to see the money.
But her impression changed after that.
All 1 dollars! No way…
All the Dai Lou Dai Lou was negotiating with Dai Ka Jie.
Eddie :”Let’s check I still have Ang  Bao bo? Aiya, no more lei.”
Finally Eddie went to get another ang pao…This time…
Everyone was happy! They passed and the door was opened :) Before that, Eddie still need to pass 2 stages. I will continue part 2 tomorrow…Please be patient ya ;)



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