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This is my second art work as well as a gift for my hubby’s coming birthday 16 May 2010.

★ One is U, one is Me ★

Trying hard to decorate a place for US ! Er… Like that?

Nono…How about like this?

Or like this?

Trying a few times but still failed…Luckily my hubby try to think a way and finally come out with this. So creative right ^^

Feel warm and sweet now right?

Thanks to my hubby for everything. You always try your best to give me the best. ♥ Love HUBBY ♥

♥ 牵了就牵一辈子的手。。。我爱你,老公!♥

=== Just a small conclusion ====
Actually I made the penguin above by referring this. ^^ Got look similiar? It was so difficult and need alot patient to complete this especially the eye’s part. I gave up doing the eye of the penguin’s girl because it was too small for me to make it x_X! I spent around 30 mins only successfully complete the penguin’s eye =.=”’ However, I felt so satisfied! My hubby like it also, he will bring them to office and put on his office desk :P

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    谢谢哦。。献丑了 ^^

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