ShareTweet If you was offered a job with high pay but you was told that you need to work late everyday, at least must work late than 8 pm and even need to come back on Sat and Sun. Will you accept this? I was wonder why don’t the contract stated working hour – 9 [...]

ShareTweet 多数专家认为, 以下情况可以帮你判断自己是否处在亚健康状态: 1. 早上起床时,发现枕头上常有掉落的发丝 (5分)。 2. 情绪经常有些抑郁, 会对着窗外发呆 (3分)。 3. 昨天的事情, 今天怎么也记不起来了,而且近来这种情况常发生 (10 分)。 4. 害怕走进办公室, 觉得工作令人厌倦 (5分)。 5. 不想面对周围认识的人, 有自闭倾向 (5 分)。 6. 工作效率下降, 上司已开始对你不满 (5分)。 7. 工作一小时候, 就觉得身倦怠, 胸闷气短 (10 分)。 8. 工作情绪始终无法提高, 无名的火气很大, 但又没有精力发作 (5 分)。 9. 每餐适量很少, 排除天气、口味因素, 吃放时经常觉得味同嚼蜡 (5分)。 10. 盼望早早离开办公室,为的是能够回家躺在床上休息片刻 (5分)。 11. 对城市的污染、噪音非常敏感, 比常人更渴望清幽、宁静的山水, 休息身心(5分)。 12. 不再像以前一样热衷于朋友的聚会, 有种强打精神勉强应酬的感觉 [...]

ShareTweet I get this information from LTA website. 1. The second phase of the Circle Line (CCL) from Bartley to Dhoby Ghaut will open for passenger service on 17 April 2010 (Saturday). 2. The 11-kilometre long stretch comprising 11 stations – Tai Seng, MacPherson, Paya Lebar, Dakota, Mountbatten, Stadium, Nicoll Highway, Promenade, Esplanade, Bras Basah [...]

ShareTweet Today my husband received a called from 64387414, Mr M told him that 25 married couple was selected to win 3 gifts and we are one of it. He talked so much to my husband, but my husband not clear what he was talking about. So, my husband asked me to call back this [...]

ShareTweet *Please note that this was happened since last year March oh ^^, you may wish to read my previous blog first before continue here…* After few weeks break, we were sent to Hong Kong again for 2 months. Everyday, we were just busy working until no day no night. We knew that Weini was [...]

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