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$88 Fly Away

This month I received phone bill from STARHUB and I saw these inside my bill!!!OMG!What charges is that???
20-3-2010 10-06-51 PM

An item called – TOTAL DATA USAGE OUTSIDE GEE! $155.17!!!! **Sob Sob** I didnt use it, I didnt use it! Why I need to pay that 冤枉钱??? I called STARHUB to clarify on these. They said there was a record showing when I download and when I access to internet. Then, what can I do? What can I do? Already become a fact! So, just pay it lor!

By the way, it will not happen again because I ask them to terminate my phone’s internet service -.- Everyone must becareful also ya, remember to double check your phone sometime. Once connected and you didnt realize… your money will gone one second by one second! It can reach till thousand ar! Luckily this time still got discount $67, so total fly away is $88! $88 to buy an experience -.-”’!

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