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Meet Terry & Rex

Dang Dang ~ Let’s meet with my new friend – Terry

Terry has a pair of big eyes

Cute tounge
Doggie - Terry

Cute face
Doggie - Terry

Look Cute and Handsome also right? Terry is a “boy”

Do you see Terry’s ear. So cute :P
Cute Dog

Terry also tight hair? Do you see?
Cute dog - Terry

Terry like a doll… Feel to hug Terry right?
Doggie - Terry

Terry’s size just very small only. See ~
Cute Dog

How about Rex? Rex is Terry’s brother. Although they born from different mother but they grew up together :)
Golden Retriever

Rex is an intelligence dog – Golden Retriever 黄金狗
Golden Retriever

Rex likes to play :)
Golden Retriever

Although Terry just a small size dog but when Terry meet with Rex. Terry will first attack to Rex’s head.
Rex : Auchh! My head!
Golden Retriever

Rex : Must give you some colors see!
goldenRetriever (4)

Terry : “Hey! Let me out! I cant breathe!”
goldenRetriever (2)

Rex : Hey Terry! What are you trying to do on my head???
goldenRetriever (7)

Terry : My Head @_$!
goldenRetriever (5)

Rex : What are you trying to do again???
goldenRetriever (14)

Rex : ArgHHhhH ~ I am not your mom!!!
goldenRetriever (12)

My Brother : “Rex! Come!”. When Rex heard my brother’s command, he will just follow and go back to his own house :) .

Terry and Rex look funny right? They like to fight with each other but they wont hurt each other :) I used to have 2 dogs before… But they already left me long time ago. It was sad when they left me :( I miss my dogs – Bobby and Doggie.

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