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Cant imagine CNY and Valentine’s day is coming soon… Just 3 days more! Everyone ~ I am coming back!!!Miss u Miss U miss u guys ~

I havent packed yet! Dont know how’s the traffic tomorrow? Pray and hope so DONT so JAM and reach home safety especially my hubby because I will stop at PJ, and he will continue his journey till Tanjung Piandang. I guess so he will reach there at morning! Drive safe ya :)

This time cny…I guess…

I will miss my mom’s delicious home cook! *Especially “luo hong zhai” and “chap chai” => mixed vegetables*

I will miss my ANSON house… *Friends! Remember dont bell or knock my house because TI house no longer my house! Already SOLD OUT*

I will miss out the chances gathering with ex-primary and secondary schoolmates, all beloved teachers and my dear Jimui!*So sorry and forgive me! Because I only able to drop by TI one day*

I will miss playing Chor Dai Dee, blackjack, mahjong..…*Aiyo, so fun but no kaki! This time must teach my niece and nephews. So I got “kaki” play with me*

I will miss Kueh Kar Pek… *So yummy~If you have kueh kar pek, remember treat me :) *

I will miss the chances of celebrating Valentine’s day with my hubby! *NVM, I will miss U!*

I missed the moment my fathers bought balloons for me! Hehe…but this time my turn to buy for those kids!

I will miss get “ANG PAO” ya! *Do you think I still have Ang Pao?*

I will miss grandma, uncles, aunties, cousin, and etc etc…*Hope so I have chance to meet you all during this cny*

Er…Do I miss out anything which I should not miss? I feel that I have missed out something… but cant think of ~

Okie! Remember dont miss out my Passport! The most important thing to let me back to Malaysia! Good night everyone and Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s day! I miss you all ^^

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