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Date : 28 Jun 2009 12:00 am
Location : Bintan Lagoon Resort -> Bintan Beach
Photographer : LLL
Car remote controller : James
Helikopter remote controller : XFEI
Others :Joey, 33, Sang :D ( 33 and sang responsible to play mahjong with me until I didnt
realized james, joey, xfei, ll already went for preparation! )
11 Roses
11 Roses
Under Construction…Joey and James trying hard to make the candle light love shape.
Proposal Preparation
Everything is well prepared!!! Just waitng for me and PS!!
Love Shape Candle Light in Beach
Story started………………..
At Sat night, PS invited me go to beach to have a walk.
Bintan Beach
From far far away, I saw candle light!
MC: ”Wau~ It looked so beautiful”
PS just smiled at me and just walked further down..
MC: “Dont want go there disturb people la!”
PS: “WOnt la…”. So we walked further again and we reached the candle light area.
MC: “Oh..Is a heart shape candle light! Who so romantic?”
MC: “You See! There was a remote control car also! But…Why no people around here??
Where is the people go??”
PS: “That people is U lo!”
MC:”What! Is me???? Is me! Are you sure??? Unbelievable!!! It was so surprise!!!”
Then, all my friend come out from somewhere and shouting there!
And also heard the song “Tomorrow I want marry you” bY Jolin and Tao Zhe from XF’s phone!
Then the remote controller car was moving toward my leg with a bunch of flowers
Then Joey n LL send me flower :D which from PS!
Then a remote helikopter!!!! Auuch~ The helikopter just fly over my head and almost fly into the sea..
Then PS quickly ran toward the helikopter and brought over into the heart shape area.
THere was a DIY ring from PS  hanging under the helikopter!!
PS pulled out something from the sand! It was a big word “Marry Me”!
Opps…ps just knee down and asked :”BB, can you marry me?”
I am just so happy and so touch~ I cant find a reason which to say No to PS
So, I accepted his proposed!
proposal day
Then, he brought out a ring and proposed me seriously again~~
* Got diamond oh~~~ Sure Sure  okok la…akkakak..But ask you a question first :D
We want to marry la ~
Our ROM (Register of Marriage ) date will be 03 Oct 2009  - Tang Lung’s Day at Tien Hou Gong!
Wish us happy together forever :D . To see more about our marriage life :) . Go to
PS : I love You
After Proposal
Ps n Me
Remote Car
Remote Car
11 Roses
A DIY word “Marry Me”
Me n PS ~
Another new chapter will be started~ How’s the marry life? I also dont know. Let’s experience it! Hehe :D

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4 Responses to “Proposal Day (求婚日英语版)”

  1. LL Says:


    i just pass by and say

    :D sweet memory ya~


    :) congratulation o!

  2. QiQi Says:

    Hi LL! Really thanks for your help that night and thanks alot for your nice photo :) Because of those photo, only I can document this happiness here :) Thx ya!

  3. Aubrey Says:

    How did he make the flames in the sand

  4. QiQi Says:

    Haha ..not too sure…his friend help him to do it :)
    I think they dig the hole and put the candle (bought from ikea)..

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