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Hong Hong

My third nephew~ Hong Hong  
After Xuan Xuan, Bin Bin…another little baby come to this world also.
He is Hong Hong~~~~ He was born on 9 March 2003



He said : “I am 1 year old la~” (2004)




Hong Hong 2 years old, photo was taken on 2005 with his cousin~ Bin Bin n Xuan Xuan…3 of them enjoyed so much !!

Hong Hong was 3 years old. The photo was taken on 2006 with his big auntie on 2006.


Hong Hong 4 years old, he took photo with all his cousin~
All of them are my niece and nephew!!! They are cute right??? Everyone have a good posing

Yeah~ Hong Hong going to 5 years old! Photo was taken during cny at Dong Chan Shi (东禅寺) in Banting.

Now 2009, Hong Hong was 6 years old already. Next year he going to study Primary school Standard 1!
Small Auntie love you always ya!


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