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Bin Bin

Bin Bin ~ My first nephew!

04/06/2002, a little baby boy come to this world! He is Xuan’s brother ~ Bin Bin…

Bin Bin slept in peace, can feel so he no nightmare, no dream….just sleep……Your heart feel confortable and peacefully too right?

He is so active ! Strong baby! KAKA.. So happy of him ya!

Bin Bin got teeth la :D . Few more mths going to 1 year old  :P

Bin Bin was 2 years Old…Photo was taken when my 2004 birthday celebration~
The handsome man beside him is his grandfather ( AH GONG  aka my PAPA)!  

Photo was taken at Genting ( Our family trip ) on 2005.
Another smart baby besides him is his cousin ( My second nephew) :P
Bin Bin was 3 years old that time.

Bin Bin was 4 years old. The photo was taken during CNY 2007 at Teluk Intan house with his mom and sister.
  Look at Bin Bin…so sweet smile :D

They gave me a big kiss!~ How lovely are them :D

On Dec , 2007. We went to Sunway Pyramid for shopping…..
Bin BIn was 5 yrs old d..beside him is his sister – Xuan Xuan
Look smart and pretty right?

Bin Bin 4 more mths going to 6 Years Old already~ Photo was taken during cny 2008. 
His cny cloth with dragon logo~ hehe..

This photo was taken 2008….at PS’s hometown~ Tanjung Piandang!

Now is Year 2009 ! Bin BIn 7 years old already. He was is primary school, standard 1!
I love you Bin Bin~


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