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Home Cook by Joey

My housemate Joey has prepared a warm homecook for us on Sunday Dinner.  Guess what we have for our dinner??

1. Fried Bitter Gourd with Egg  (苦瓜炒蛋)

2. White Radish Soup (白萝卜汤)

3. Spiced Pork Cubes with potato (五香肉丁炒番薯)

Joey said the soup seem tasteless, but i just feel ok ! Homecook is like that, if too tasty will just like outside food :D ..
So, really thanks alot for your delicious homecook, i like the most is the Spiced Pork Cubes with potato……

Joey, sure you feel hungry when you saw the food picture which cooked by you~ Yummy YUmmy~

Beside dinner, she still served us DESSERT  ~饭后甜品!
Fresh Mango – 新鲜芒果


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