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ABC Soup

ABC Soup

Since I very young, my mom always cook a soup with potato, tomato, carrot => and she always said ABC soup…
And I like ABC soup so much of cause I miss my mom ABC Soup. But I will miss the taste so much, I have eaten her soup for > 20 is not so salty but it is healthy..she also aware and take k our health so much :D
I already get used on the soup taste which cooked by my mom :P

Today, my housemate Kim cooked ABC soup meanwhile I cooked the sizzling toufu…..
Actuallyher ingredients almost same like what I normally cooked ..

Ingredients : Carrot, Potato, Tomato, Onion and Pork, salt. ( p/s: If I didnt buy any pork, I will put corn and “ikan bilis”  instead of pork )

Method : Very easy oh…put everything ( except tomato)  into the water and boil it for > 30 mins…then the last step put the tomato into it.
The longer you boil it the tasty soup you hav but the less healthy soup lo..because all the vitamin gone if you boil it for so long time :P
Tang Tang….after a while, the soup is ready!! Er…Very Yummy..I like it so much :D Thanks Kim for the SouP :P


This dishes cost around SGD5.00 and serve for 6 peoples.

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