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If not mistaken, the photo was taken in september 2002.

This is our First time having so big group (21ppls) travelling together – Genting Highlands..To Friends who inside this photo~ when see the photo, what do you think..isit time past so fast? 6 years ago :) Er.. anyway the quality of photo not good because all the photo using scanner scan one :P

Girls Group ~
Boy Groups
We met another group of friends who also from ISE course

Indoor Activities

Photo Sessions, playing cards :P
Horse Ride
3D Movie
Outdoor activities
GoodBye Genting Highlands ~ We took LRT from Gombak back home :)

朋友们,好久不见了。 你们还好吗? 但愿你们生活快快乐乐,平平安安 :)

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